Different type of cancers in Ayurveda

There are some 45 different types of diseases described which come under the category of cancer.
Some of them can be said as under
- Tridosh Gulma
- Tridosh – Arsha
- Adhijivhika
- Maha Swasa
- Sannipataj mutrakruchhra etc.

Classification of cancers can also be done according to doshas, dhatus and malas, which can be narrowed down as under.

(1) Vatta Pradhan Arbuda-
Cancer caused due to principle doshic imbalance in Vatta. The tumour mass is black in color, soft, when punctured exudes thin blood. The pain felt is expanding, tearing, pricking, pulling, churning and cutting.

(2) Pitta Pradhan Arbuda-
Cancer due to pitta dosha imbalance or a vikara (disease) due to agni factors turning vicious. Tumour is yellowish or red. and when punctured exudes large amounts of warm blood. The patient feels severe burning sensation, sucking pain.

(3) Kapha Pradhan Arbuda –
Kapha dosha when vitiated causes cancers that are called kapha dosha cancers. The tumors caused are painless, and hard, which develop over a long period of time, when the surface breaks white thick fluid flows from it. Patient feels mild pain with severe itching.

(4) Meda Pradhan Arbuda –
When the meda dhatu is affected by cancer causing factor it is called Meda-pradhan Arbuda. In this form of tumor the patient feels itching sensation on the affected part and it is painless, when the surface breaks the flowing liquid is thick and fatty.

(5) Shirajanya Arbuda –
This is caused when a person indulges in over-exertion. The vatta dosha gets vitiated and blood veins gets dried and they join together to form tumor like growth. This type of cancer is very difficult to treat. 

(6) Rudhirjanya Arbuda –
When vitiated pitta dosha causes cancerous imbalances in the blood, the blood with muscle tissues causes tumors that are fast growing and very difficult to cure.

(7) Mamsajanya Arbuda –
When the mamsa dhatu is affected by tridosha imbalance this cancer is caused. This is the most common in those who are non-vegetatian. Body assault etc. makes deformations in the mamsa and gives rise to shotha, which is painless, smooth, and same in color as skin hard like stone, and immovable.

(8) Adhya Arbuda –
Metastic cancer is called Adhya Arbuda. It is an advanced stage of cancer.

(9) Dwir Arbud -                                                                                                                This is the type of cancer where the tumors appear concurrently (i.e. one after the other), mostly it is caused by at least two dohas in imbalance, this type of cancer is considered by experienced vaidyas as very difficult to cure.                   

(10) Shonit Arbud -                                                                                                           In this type of cancer there is constant bleeding from the tumour through broken skin. the blood oozing from this open wound is often contains pus and other foul smelling impurities. The patient becomes weak and mamsa dhatu is also affected causing anemic conditions. The spread of this cancer is very fast, making it almost impossible to cure.

(11) Sharkara Arbud -

Vatta and kapha both make site in mamsa, sira, snayu and meda and develops mass or tumor. When this mass bursts, it exudes like honey, ghrit and vasa; then vitiated vata of that place dries up mansa and produces crystals like sugar (sharkara).







(Prepared by Divyajyot Ayurvedic Research foundation India. We are conducting research and treatment in Ayurvedic herbal cure of cancer since last 25 years. The data and information contained on this site is based on Ayurvedic herbal wisdom and our research.)