We at DARF hereby present only a few of interesting cases for reference. We have kept all records on a timescale of each individual patient's progress and response to our medications and therapies.


Hear we wish to introduce some of the scrutinised and selected cases of various cancer patients worth highlighting. These are the cases of cancer that have undergone DARF therapy for more than four or five years and are still cheerfully alive with disease under control or disease free or symptom free.

We have been keen in all cases to record their response to the therapy at regular interval. They are also investigated frequently and result noted. Our whole criteria for assessment are triggered to the improved quality of the life of the patients with prolonged life span. Our sole aim is to accommodate a comfortable and comparatively a peaceful life to the patient and if that is achieved, our aim is satisfied.

Let us go through some of such cases.

CASE STUDY: 01. //FILE NO: 8896. //

A 55-year lady started ayurvedic herbal treatment at DARF in 10/96 for her Carcinoma of Cervix. Since than she started improving from 05/97 and by 08/99 she has improved very well. She is both symptom and disease free. She is still under therapy she has put on weight and she is happy and satiated. She is kept under observation and a regular follow up is maintained. Her latest follow-up in 7/04 she reported she has joined a missionary work to uplift the slum woman. She was found absolutely fine both in signs and symptoms.

CASE STUDY: 02//FILE NO: 8153. //

A 44-year-old lady from Ankaleshvar came for ayurvedic herbal treatment at DARF in 9/93 for her Carcinoma of Cervix with spread to the pelvic wall. After patient hearing she was prescribed DARF therapy. She regularly continued the treatment and on her last follow up on 05/20001, she was found completely normal. A sonogram of 05/99 and 07/2001 revealed no mass or evident malignancy. She is very elaxed and satiated. She still continues visits (last recorded 06/04) at DARF O.P.D. Her treatment is terminated.

CASE STUDY; 03//FILE NO; 3726. //

A62 year senior citizen with a Biopsy proved Epidarmoid Carcinoma of Cervix started DARF ayurveda herbal therapy from 10/98 till 3/2001 with three small intervals of 02,04 and 01 months. On last follow up on 03/2004 she was found to be completely disease free and is living a normal life, the investigations revealed.

CASE STUDY; 04//FILE NO; 9895//

A 35-year lady appeared for ayurvedic herbal treatment at DARF OPD in 12/99 with manorrhegia and back pain. She had a Biopsy proved AdenoCarcinoma of Ovary. She with DARF treatment is fairing well and doing her normal routine. No recurrence or spread of the disease is noticed on her last follow up on 06/2004.

CASE STUDY: 05//FILE NO; 8965//

A 73-year-old senior citizen sought ayurvedic herbal treatment at DARF in 01/99 for her Carcinoma of Ovary. She had undergone Surgery but no radiotherapy or chemotherapy after surgery. She started DARF therapy from 01/99 and till today, on her last follow up on 05/2004 she is found normal and enjoying a non-dependent life. Very well satiated.

CASE STUDY: 06//FILE NO; 9537//

A 50 year old lady approached for ayurvedic herbal treatment at DARF OPD in 07/99 for her Carcinoma of Ovary with spread in Colon. She underwent Surgery and got her colon and both ovaries removed. She still had complaints. She after patient hearing was prescribed DARF therapy, which she continued for a year. She recovered completely. She is still continuing the therapy and on her last follow up in 06/2004 she was found normal. Her Tumour Markers are well with in normal limits.

CASE STUDY; 07//FILE NO; 8913//

A 55 year old lady sought ayurvedic herbal treatment at DARF OPD in 01/99 for her multiple problems of Carcinoma of Breast with its spread in Lungs, Pleura (with effusion) and in addition Diabetes and Hypertension. After through evaluation and with essential investigations done she was prescribed DARF therapy and assured mentally. She has been continuing the treatment till now and her last follow-up on 04/2004 she was found absolutely disease free except her Hypertension. Her disease is well under control.

CASE STUDY; 08//FILE NO; 8520//

A 65-year senior citizen developed gynacomastia and lump in his breast. He underwent surgery. The cancer reappeared in another breast. He got reevaluated and Biopsy and other reports revealed a carcinomatous mass. He appeared for ayurvedic herbal treatment at DARF OPD right from 9/96.Since than he is following the therapy and on last follow up on 05/2004 he was found absolutely normal and living cheerful life.

CASE STUDY: 09//FILE NO: 7087/

A 73 year senior citizen sought ayurvedic herbal treatment at DARF OPD in 01/99 for her Carcinoma of Breast with spread in Lymph nodes and Liver. Her life span was also declared to be of a few months. She started the therapy religiously. By grace of God she is still continuing the therapy. On her last follow up in 07/2004 she was found normal and living a disease free life.

CASE STUDY: 10//FILE NO: 6258//

A 78-year-old senior citizen appeared for consultation for ayurvedic herbal treatment at DARF at in 01/97, with his Carcinoma of Prostate. He got operated in ’94 and ’95 followed by Radiation and Chemotherapy. Further he developed Bone metastasis and Testicular Mets also. He further had to undergo orchiactomy. Started DARF therapy in 01/97 that is still going on. He in spite of his metastatic nature of the Cancer has recovered well; spread is under control and on his last follow up in 07/2004 was found absolutely normal. His Tumour Markers are very well within normal limits. However by this time his age has reached 80, and inspite of this he is doing well. Now he has adopted Sanyasa and become a monk.

CASE STUDY: 11//FILE NO; 6893//

A 50-year-old gentleman appeared for ayurvedic herbal treatment at DARF for his Cancer of Breast had reappeared in spite of treatment. He after a patient hearing and reassurance was prescribed DARF therapy. It was way back in 05/97. He had got it operated in 12/96 and it reoccurred in ’97. Till than he is under DARF therapy and his last follow up in 04/2004 revealed him absolutely disease free.

CASE STUDY: 12//FILE NO; 1223//

A 55year old lady was brought for ayurvedic herbal treatment at DARF OPD in 10/95 with her Cancer of Thyroid and Brain metastasis. She started treatment form 10/95 and within six months of time she came out from the danger. By DARF therapy only she remained asymptomatic till 09/2000. Unfortunately, she developed again Brain mets. On her last follow up in 03/2004 she was found critical but under control. A further improvement is expected.

CASE STUDY: 13//FILE NO 5856. //

A 45-year-old lady with Carcinoma of Thyroid (primary not known) with neck nodes attended DARF in 10/96 and started therapy. She was free of symptoms, till 03/2001. Now she has severe Back Pain, which is under evaluation for possible Bone mets. It is note worthy that she enjoyed a disease free life for more than five years. It is expected that she will also overcome her suspected Bone mets Her latest f/u in 6/2004 found no bone mets and her repeated biopsy showed no evidence of malignancy.

CASE STUDY: 14//FILE NO: 4012//

A 42-year-old gentleman sought ayurvedic herbal treatment at DARF OPD in 01/98 for his Cancer of the Penis; operated and reoccurred at the same site. He is advised to undergo another surgery, which he denied. He sought treatment at DARF in 05/98 and he continued the same for a year. He was completely out of disease. Till than he is pulling very well with a maintenance dose of DARF therapy. On his last follow up on 07/2004 he was found without any complaints.

CASE STUDY; 15//FILE NO; 7457//

A just 32 years a youngster with a report of Carcinoma of Testes and enlarged precaval nodes started DARF therapy in 11/97 to till date. His last follow up on 06/2004 he was found normal without any complaints. He is happy.

CASE STUDY: 16//FILE NO; 6208//

A 30-year-old youngster appeared DARF with his Tastes removed due to Carcinoma. As routine he was instructed for the possibilities of relapse or spread of the disease. So he preferred Ayurvedic therapy of DARF. Started treatment in 12/96. He continued the treatment regularly till 2/2001. DARF team after through re-evaluation declared him as normal and disease free as he has had no complaints for last two years and the treatment terminated. Within two month’s period he developed Lung mets!!! We repent on our decision. Now he is switched on the DARF ayurvedic herbal treatment and a close watch is kept .His last f/u in 02/20004 he is doing well with slight discomfort.

CASE STUDY; 17//FILE NO; 6126//

A 45 year old patient appeared for ayurvedic herbal treatment at DARF OPD with a big ulcer on his tongue which was already half cut due to Cancer!!. He had no benefit of the surgery. He requested treatment in 12/96. He has continued the same till 12/2003 and he has no relapse or spread of the disease. He is happy and satiated. No latest f/u till than i.e.12/2003

CASE STUDY; 18//FILE NO; 9496//

A 65-year-old monk appeared for ayurvedic herbal treatment at DARF OPD in 07/99 with his Carcinoma of Base of Tongue. He had had undergone Chemotherapy with no relief. He started Darf’s Ayurvedic therapy in 7/99 and till date in 06/2004 he is continuing with no complaints. He is overwhelmed and happily satiated.

CASE STUDY; 19//FILE NO; 5300//

A 38-year-old young man appeared for ayurvedic herbal treatment at DARF IN 05/95 WITH HIS DISEASE cancer of Right Alveolus with a spread in Cheek and Skin metastasis. He had under gone Surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiation. He was prescribed DARF’s therapy to control the disease. He has religiously followed it and as a result on his last follow up in 01/2004 he was found free of the disease. His is not regular in his f/u.

CASE STUDY; 20//FILE NO; 2247/

This 70-year-old gentleman is a unique patient in DARF record. He started ayurvedic herbal DARF therapy in 10/95 for his Carcinoma of Larynx. He improved markedly with the therapy in 08/98. But in ’99 he faced a massive Heart Attack and six months later he developed Chronic Renal Failure. During this whole course of period he adhered with DARF therapy as an adjuvant. At last in 05/2001 he found all his investigations within normal limits. His patience and active involvement was highly admirable. He is living with zest and attends his profession regularly. He breathed last in may 2004. We and he both are happy that  together we could achieve such excellent results from 10/95 to 03/2004 at an age of 70. He is reported expired in 05/2004.

CASE STUDY; 21//FILE NO; 8892//

A 57 year old gentleman appeared for ayurvedic herbal treatment at DARF for the treatment of his Carcinoma of Oesophagus with Diabetes and Hypertension. He was fed by Rail’s tube. After patient hearing and Nadi Nidan, he was prescribed the therapy. Within three or four month’s time he noticed significant improvement. But in between he caught pneumonia and that worsened the situation. He had to undergo feeding gastrostomy. But after 03/99 onwards with DARF therapy he is fine. His dysphagia is partially relieved and can drink water, milk etc. He is doing well and has resumed the job. In his follow up in 10/2003 he was found very well, healthy except his PPBS being 160mg%. He is prescribed accordingly.

CASE STUDY; 22//FILE NO; 9913//

A 40-year-old male suffered by maculous eruptions on the skin and face. He got operated twice. His Hystocytology revealed Malignant Malanoma. He after 12/99, with ayurvedic herbal DARF therapy he does not have any reoccurrence of the eruptions. His last follow up was in 06/2001 and was fin and normal.

CASE STUDY; 23//FILE NO; 9471//

A 43-year-old lady from Vadodara district in western india. Appeared for ayurvedic herbal treatment at DARF OPD in late ’90.for her complaints of Carcinoma of Head of the Pancreas. She had undergone chemotherapy but no relief. She started the treatment in 12/90. She is still continuing the treatment till 06/2004. She is maintaining her health and can do her routine house hold chores independently. She is advised to continue treatment for long time.

CASE STUDY; 24//FILE NO; 7877//

A 42-year lady attended for ayurvedic herbal treatment at DARF OPD in 03/98 for Liposarcoma of Abdomen. It was operated four times. She started treatment and could pull on till 07/2000. Reoccurrence took place and surgeon assumed the surgery at that time seemed to be very difficult. She was prescribed intensive strong DARF treatment (sp.Ca.Course) for 15 days and then she underwent surgery. The surgeon noted the surgery to be very easy as compared to its gravity assumed before surgery. She came out of operation theatre within 20 minutes!!. This DARF therapy helped her lot in surgery. Unfortunately, she developed one more time reoccurrence. But she is enthusiastic in DARF treatment. Good response is expected. Her last f/u in 06/2004 she was found disease free and her USG Abdomen was normal.

CASE STUDY; 25//FILE NO; 9519//

A64 year old senior citizen appeared DARF with a detoriated general health due to his Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia. He had had chemotherapies without significant benefits. It was all happened in ’98. Since than he was offered DARF ayurvedic herbal therapy. Form 12/2000 his all investigations are with in normal limits and he is absolutely free from the disease and symptoms. On his last follow upon 06/2001 he is advised to continue treatment.

In the end I will sincerely thank the consultation team members to offer me such a valuable opportunity to be in midst all of you and interchange some of my ideas on the cancer cure with Ayurveda. Let us all pray to Lord Atreya for enabling us to combat this dreaded entity called Cancer.




(Prepared by Divyajyot Ayurvedic Research foundation India. We are conducting research and treatment in Ayurvedic herbal cure of cancer since last 25 years. The data and information contained on this site is based on Ayurvedic herbal wisdom and our research.)