SINCE MORE THAN 25 YEARS DARF is working towards research and treatment on major diseases like cancer and kidney failure, and other complicated diseaes. The institute is inspired and run under the holy guidance of Shree Shree Maa Anantanand Tirthji. Shree Shree Maa learned Ayurveda from Holy Gurudev Shree Girnari Babaji and like Shree Maa many young spiritual seekers have devoted their lives totally to the work of Shree Shree Maa.

The institute functions on the principle of “Dardi Narayan Seva Mandir”, i.e. service to humanity is service to God. Selfless service is given to one and all equally with keeping this principle in mind. With grace of God many patients after trying various treatments and finding that there is no improvement in their health, come to the institute for treatment and find that their health has improved. This gives them a new ray of hope in their life. Till date Shree Shree Maa has treated more than 16000 patients suffering from cancer, only in U.S.A. and U.K. 4000 patients, of all complicated diseases including cancer are undergoing treatment given by Shree Shree Maa.

DARF provides free of cost treatment to patients who have economic constraints. All other patients are given treatment at subsidized rates. The institute functions through donations, received from people from all walks of life.

DIVYAJYOT AYURVEDIC RESEARCH FOUNDATION is functioning at Ahmedabad since 1978 and established facilities at Vehlal since 1991, for treatment and research on major diseases like cancer and kidney, and all the complicated diseases. This institute is unique in it’s own kind. At DARF diagnosis is done on the basis of Allopathic methods and Ayurvedic guidelines. Treatment is given purely on Ayurvedic lines of treatment.

All treatment is given under the guidance of Shree Shree Maa. Treatment includes spiritual healing as well as, medicinal applications, diet therapy is also an integral part of the treatment.

Service to humanity is service to God, to see omnipresent God in the form of the patient who has come to seek treatment, there by giving us an opportunity to serve God and find the path of liberation from this binding life of sin and sorrow, is the central principle of the institute, keeping this in mind people from different walks of life contribute their time and energy to the institute on honorary basis.

The institute has all the facilities required for the activities, including 30 acres of land at Vehlal, where including plantation of medicines, facilities for O.P.D. and indoor patients is available. Apart from this at Ahmedabad hospital with surgical, physiotherapy, panchkarma, pathology lab etc. is also available.

Shree Shree Maa Inspecting Patients

Vaidya Tapankumar along with Sadguru Maa inspecting patients

Vaidya Tapankumar addressing International audience

A Message from H.H.Shree Maa(The Founder of DARF)

(Excerpts of speech given to international audience U.S.A)

My dear fellow planet mates

Jay Bhagavan. Please accept my warm wishes and greetings from India- Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

1 am really delighted to be amongst this wonderful august audience. I will be very much happy to interact with all of you regarding some of my views on Ayurveda, the ancient science of medicine originated in India and Adhyatma which is the wisdom about our Inner Soul matured in India by the Philosophers, Sages, Rishies and Thinkers. In my India both Ayurveda and Adhyatma go together to reach to a common goal of ultimate salvation called Moksha.

It is a pyramidal voyage that starts from Ayurveda as the ground floor and Adhyatma as the peak. Both are contemporary to each other. No body can achieve the ultimate salvation i.e. Moksha without a sound body. So understanding the body in the perspective of Moksha is unavoidably mandatory. This knowledge of body comes from Ayurveda And mere a sound healthy body does not serve the ultimate purpose of Moksha. For this one need the guidance of Adhyatma.

In their initial phase Sages of same category evolved both Ayurveda and Adhyatma Both of them were link minded for the same goal of Moksha. But by the lag of time Ayurveda was confined to protection and promotion of health and Adhyatma went into the hands of churches. This event developed during colonial rule in India. Before that the entire responsibility of health was carried out by Ayurveda and all healthy people were taken care of by the experts of Adhyatma.

After the torrential introduction of western medicine in India, Ayurveda had to spare more energy towards the competitive professionalism with western medicine. This badly damaged the centuries old tuning of Ayurveda and Adhyatma. Ayurvedic physician lost their ability to divert their healthy clients towards Adhyatma. So Adhyatma also suffered and went in to the hands of mere philosophers who only discussed Moksha but had no scope to apply the principles on the body. So the ultimate salvation became a rarity.

By the grace of Almighty and my Guru Poojya Girinari Baba I have a privilege to get trained in both Ayurveda and Adhyatma. This tradition of knowledge has also gone extinct and Very few of such integrated physiciospiritualists are available now a days. To make a list of such few experts can be as Swami Shivananda Saraswati, Swami Mangalananda Smarasvati, and Swami Advaitananada Tirtha and like wise. The reason behind giving this background is that now day the Combined relevance of Ayurveda and Adhyatma is on its peak in United States of America. Both Ayurveda in the forms of an, alternative therapy and Adhyatma in the form of Yoga Has been unanimously appreciated and accepted in this part of western world. Looking into the lifestyle and stress related problems of U.S.A. I personally believe that a combined therapy of Ayurveda and Adhyatma can perhaps serve the purpose in better way. So is the underlying intention of today's meeting and interaction.

I and my colleague as a devoted group are working with this combination of Ayurveda and Adhyatma since 1978 at Ahmedabad and Vahelal under the dome of a foundation named Divyajyot Ayurvedic Research Foundation. Our main activity is in the field of a comprehensive cure of some very complex and complicated diseases like Cancer, Renal failure, Heart problems and a group of some psychosomatic diseases like Psoriasis, Alzymer, Parkinsonism, neurosis, AIDS etc. We have been applying Ayurveda and Adhyatma at a time on our patients and in this way try to help both the body and mind along with the inner Soul- Atman. My research team and me have witnessed and treated more than 17000 patients of the above said categories of diseases. The data may be evaluated in our annual report.

In this combined treatments, we select from Ayurveda-- A) Herb and Herbal formulations B) Panchkarma procedures C) Rasayana procedures and D) Diet and Lifestyle suggestions.

While from Adhyatma we select A)  Dhyan and Avahan B) Yoga (all three Gyan, Bhakti and Karma yoga) C] A specially derived Laya Yoga for Cancer Patients DJ Mantra chanting E) Lessons and discourses on Adhyatma F) Belief component-Faith (Shradhha) G) Prayer etc.

Our novel approach is applying both at various stages of our treatments. Let us explore one by one.

O1) Selection, Cultivation and Collection of Herbs:

Specially indicated geographic signs and symptoms described in Vaarahmihir Samhita are located on the land and than it are purchased for cultivation of Herbs. Two such locations in Gujarat one of 30 acres and another of 100 acres are owned by us and cultivation developed. All plants are grown organically and  planted on the above said land Nurtured by the natural wind and water these plants are prayed a day before collecting in their peak productivity time and seasons described in Ayurveda. The chanting of prayer to the plants is selected from Vrukshayurveda and Veda itself. It is called Aavahanam.

02)  Manufacturing the Medicines:

All single herbs or Herbal combinations, along with all from Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) of International level are kept in a Mantra Chanting Room where the whole area is loaded with positive and constructive vibrations of various Siddha Mantras. continuous Chanting of  Mantras for 24 hours transforms the medicine subtly and qualitatively into a blessed and pious medicine. We in India call them as Prasad(grace of almighty). These medicines apart from their therapeutic effects have been observed to provide tranquility of mind in the patients. This proves the utility of the medicines in the form of Prasad.

03) Dealing and dispensinq with our Patients:

We at both our centers have applied Adhyatma in naming the Hospitals. The name of our Hospital is Daradi Narayana Seva Mandir- meaning - A Temple where Patient is worshiped!!. It is not mere a philosophy but we mean and behave with our patients as if we worship them. This fact is very well acknowledged by one of our patients every month in our magazine in his own words.

Welcome, Registration and guiding the patient is in an absolute pious and polite manner by every devotee of the foundation. Their introduction and documentation of History is a unique pious event for the patients which last life long in their memory. Through out the introduction the room is continuously loaded with the chanting of Mantras to cool down the irritated and exhausted nerves of the patients.

These small and subtle but vital looking concepts have worked in our case at a very high effective ratio. So after the effect of the Ayurvedic medicines we put our Adhyatmic policies as a second most success factor. This also is reflected in the gratitude of our patients and in all their six monthly reports of the progress. Every such report along with investigations is documented and file maintained. (Number of such files exceeds 17000).

All patients are categorized in three groups according to Ayurveda as Vata, Pitta and Kafa collectively called as Prakruti. The prescription is also designed according to the Prakruti. Prakruti wise suitable Mantra is advised to each patient with a small Adhyatmic counseling at the O.P.D. level. Suitable Pranayama and Mudra is also advised if patient is not weak. These combinations of Ayurveda and Adhyatma has helped our patients very very much. It is more relevant when you are dealing an irreversible disease in which patient himself loose the hope. In the very first consultation patient feels half treated. And believe me, it is a fact.

This was all about O.P.D. patients. Let us talk about I.P.D Patients.

All I.P.D rooms are regularly fumigated when vacant. Along with fumigation a round the clock chanting of Sidhdha Mantra is performed with the help of an electronic device chanting Mantra continuously. This loads the rooms with positive vibrations of Mantra, which in turn provide positivity in the patient.

Every indoor patient along with medicines is trained for chanting for mantras and Pranayama. If suitable asanas and dhyan (meditation) is also taught. We have designed, especially a variety of Yoga for our Cancer patients called Laya Yoga in which a combination of Dhyan and Zen has been synchronized. It is intended to produce harmonious vibrations inside the body to control the cells turning cancerous. Primarily we have observed good results in Blood Cancers and Lymph Node malignancies.

Every patient undergoing Panchkarma or Rasayana treatments is also treated with Ayurvedic Mantras described in Ayurvedic Texts. All these patients also have to undergo an Ayurvedic Yagna - a unique combination of Ayurveda and Adhyatma in which the prescribed medicines are offered to the Holy Mantra charged Fire enlightened in a specially designed Kund. The popular Belief component of the recent Psychiatry is well nurtured by this Yagna. We call it Shradhdha (faith) in Adhyatma, which is fortified in these patients as he feels he is getting the pious medicines that have been offered to his Holy God.

All I.P.D. patients are offered a devotional prayer called Aaratee twice a day in the Hospital. We have a temple inside the hospital site at Ahmedabad while a huge Temple of Lord Shiva is located at our Ashram site. A regular weekly Adhyatmic discourse on various philosophical literature is offered to patients which sooths his mantle stress.

In this way, we have a human touch in our behavior and an Adhyatmic touch in our medicines and therapies.

The only intention of talking with this learned audience is to create awareness amongst us that Ayurveda and Adhyatma have a lot more to offer to the ailing mankind instead of utilizing them separately.

In the last but not least I will be delighted to show our results in various cancers we treat at our hospitals and other activities going on published as annual report. I am thankful to all of you for patient hearing to this comparatively new concept and pray almighty for your positive prosperity and peace.

Hari  Om Tatsat.

An introduction to Vaidya Shree Tapankumarji

Vaidya Tapankumar is the humble devotee at the feet of his beloved Sadguru Maa Anantananda since 1991 till date. he is trying to uplift his spirit by the medium of Sadguru seva or serving at the feet of the spiritual master. He after completing his pofessional post graduation in Ayurveda, started the training of Ayurveda at the feet of Sadguru in 1991. During these 25 years he has learned to melt the ego and enjoyed the bliss of serving at the feet of the Sadguru Shree Shree Maa. Sadguru Shree Shree Maa also showered her unfathomable blessings on him during his journey as chief assistant. He during his pious tenure has nurtured a wonderful authencity on Naadi pariksha, dealing with all types of cases Ayurveda and successfully helped the patients. His innovation in designing panchkarma protocols for Cancer patients are getting enthusiastic results for patients and worldwide acclaim. He has gained enormous popularity in the field of Ayurveda in India and abroad. All this has happened only because of the Sadguru Krupaa, he ads.

(Prepared by Divyajyot Ayurvedic Research foundation India. We are conducting research and treatment in Ayurvedic herbal cure of cancer since last 25 years. The data and information contained on this site is based on Ayurvedic herbal wisdom and our research.)