DARF Holistic Approach
- Since 1978, we at DARF practice
- Modern therapies
- Panchkarma
- Divyavyapashraya (Faith and mantra therapy, spirituality)
- Satvajaya (Meditation)

DARF Treatment Methodology
- According to the patient.
- According to the cancer.
- According to Nadi.
- According to Agni.

(i) According to patient
- General condition of the patient
- Present symptoms and Nadi of the patient.

(ii) According to cancer type
This is based upon
- The site of the cancer.
- The type of the cancer.
- Gravity of the cancer spread of it in the body.

(iii) According to the Nadi
This is based upon the observation of Nadi of the patient as
- Single dosha affected
- Two dosha affected
- Tridosha

(iv) According to Agni
This is based upon bowels movement, digestive capabilities, appetite, food options available, and mictruition, and general metabolism.


(Prepared by Divyajyot Ayurvedic Research foundation India. We are conducting research and treatment in Ayurvedic herbal cure of cancer since last 25 years. The data and information contained on this site is based on Ayurvedic herbal wisdom and our research.)