What is cancer?

Concept of LAYA
Laya is the ultimate cosmic harmony. Human body and all living beings are originated from a cosmic consciousness. The body (as explained in the introduction section) to Ayurveda is made of Panchmahabhatuas and the three dosha. When the body is in harmony with the cosmic harmony all the factors that combine to create life on earth are functioning in harmony. When this harmony is broken, disease are caused, cancer is a very serious and deadly expression of this break in harmony of cosmic elements.
The main reasons for the break in harmony are –
- Laya disturbed due to past karmas
- Doshic imbalances due to improper lifestyle
- Manah and indriyas – mind and senses used in improper manner.

The process leading to cancer –

When the harmony is lost it is called ASAMAYOGAVAHITVA). Then, the rhythm of life is disturbed and cancer is caused.
Tridosha, and sub-doshas, mainly vatta dosha play an important part in cancerous growth of cells.
Manah (mind) has a very vital role to play in this process, the manah is said to be a principle based upon,

(a) Rajas shukshma bhoota (subtle nutritional factors)
(b) Atmaj shukshma bhoota (subtle spiritual factors)
(c) Matruja shukshma bhoota (maternal subtle factors)
(d) Pitruja shukshma bhoota (subtle paternal factors)

- Three main factors responsible for vitiating these are:
(a) Ruksha(dry) and Tikshna(sharp) Guna(quality) and Vibhajan karma (cell division) of vatta
(b) Vishad (anxiety, fear and depression) at mental levels.
(c) Improper use of indriyas called mithya yoga.

When these factors combine the individual cell loses it’s capacity to regenerate itself in a healthy way and the regeneration process loses it’s rhythm and cancer is caused. The cells that have turned cancerous consume much more energy than normal cells. Cancerous cells further go on dividing and so on produce more cancerous cells resulting in abnormal growth and tumor. These cells are very loosely bound with each other.

In dealing with cancer the biggest hurdle that comes on the way is timely detection, when cancer is detected it has generally been developing in the body for many years, hence treatment starts very late, by then the disease may have grown out of proportions.

Since these cancer cells are loosely bound, they tend to get dislodged very easily and they enter the blood stream, taking root in other organs and growing there in the form of tumor. This process is called metastasis.


(Prepared by Divyajyot Ayurvedic Research foundation India. We are conducting research and treatment in Ayurvedic herbal cure of cancer since last 25 years. The data and information contained on this site is based on Ayurvedic herbal wisdom and our research.)