Hear we wish to introduce some of the scrutinised and selected cases of various cancer patients worth highlighting. These are the cases of cancer that have undergone DARF therapy for more than four or five years and are still cheerfully alive with disease under control or disease free or symptom free.

We have been keen in all cases to record their response to the therapy at regular interval. They are also investigated frequently and result noted. Our whole criteria for assessment are triggered to the improved quality of the life of the patients with prolonged life span. Our sole aim is to accommodate a comfortable and comparatively a peaceful life to the patient and if that is achieved, our aim is satisfied.

Let us go through some of such cases.

CASE STUDY: 01. //FILE NO: 8896. //

A 55-year lady started ayurvedic herbal treatment at DARF in 10/96 for her Carcinoma of Cervix. Since than she started improving from 05/97 and by 08/99 she has improved very well. She is both symptom and disease free. She is still under therapy she has put on weight and she is happy and satiated. She is kept under observation and a regular follow up is maintained. Her latest follow-up in 7/04 she reported she has joined a missionary work to uplift the slum woman. She was found absolutely fine both in signs and symptoms.

CASE STUDY: 02//FILE NO: 8153. //

A 44-year-old lady from Ankaleshvar came for ayurvedic herbal treatment at DARF in 9/93 for her Carcinoma of Cervix with spread to the pelvic wall. After patient hearing she was prescribed DARF therapy. She regularly continued the treatment and on her last follow up on 05/20001, she was found completely normal. A sonogram of 05/99 and 07/2001 revealed no mass or evident malignancy. She is very elaxed and satiated. She still continues visits (last recorded 06/04) at DARF O.P.D. Her treatment is terminated.

CASE STUDY; 03//FILE NO; 3726. //

A62 year senior citizen with a Biopsy proved Epidarmoid Carcinoma of Cervix started DARF ayurveda herbal therapy from 10/98 till 3/2001 with three small intervals of 02,04 and 01 months. On last follow up on 03/2004 she was found to be completely disease free and is living a normal life, the investigations revealed.

CASE STUDY; 04//FILE NO; 9895//

A 35-year lady appeared for ayurvedic herbal treatment at DARF OPD in 12/99 with manorrhegia and back pain. She had a Biopsy proved AdenoCarcinoma of Ovary. She with DARF treatment is fairing well and doing her normal routine. No recurrence or spread of the disease is noticed on her last follow up on 06/2004.

CASE STUDY: 05//FILE NO; 8965//

A 73-year-old senior citizen sought ayurvedic herbal treatment at DARF in 01/99 for her Carcinoma of Ovary. She had undergone Surgery but no radiotherapy or chemotherapy after surgery. She started DARF therapy from 01/99 and till today, on her last follow up on 05/2004 she is found normal and enjoying a non-dependent life. Very well satiated.

CASE STUDY: 06//FILE NO; 9537//

A 50 year old lady approached for ayurvedic herbal treatment at DARF OPD in 07/99 for her Carcinoma of Ovary with spread in Colon. She underwent Surgery and got her colon and both ovaries removed. She still had complaints. She after patient hearing was prescribed DARF therapy, which she continued for a year. She recovered completely. She is still continuing the therapy and on her last follow up in 06/2004 she was found normal. Her Tumour Markers are well with in normal limits.

CASE STUDY; 07//FILE NO; 8913//

A 55 year old lady sought ayurvedic herbal treatment at DARF OPD in 01/99 for her multiple problems of Carcinoma of Breast with its spread in Lungs, Pleura (with effusion) and in addition Diabetes and Hypertension. After through evaluation and with essential investigations done she was prescribed DARF therapy and assured mentally. She has been continuing the treatment till now and her last follow-up on 04/2004 she was found absolutely disease free except her Hypertension. Her disease is well under control.



(Prepared by Divyajyot Ayurvedic Research foundation India. We are conducting research and treatment in Ayurvedic herbal cure of cancer since last 25 years. The data and information contained on this site is based on Ayurvedic herbal wisdom and our research.)